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Cloud PC Development Environment - Windows365 Review

Moving that virtual machine for windows development to the cloud.

100 Interview Questions for Software Developers

Recruiting software developers.

It's about time

A software developer reflecting on the role as product owner at Fitness24Seven.

Ten Principles of Software Projects

This is how we run software development projects at Fitness24Seven.

Development Methods

Considering how we go from nothing to an implemented feature. What kind of development methods, explicit or implicit are there?

Static Generated Websites are Shit

Another blog post about rebooting my blog and how to deal with aging technologies.

Recursively Search and Update a JSON/JavaScript Object

How to use javascript to read an object and update it recursively.

Creating a WebAssembly binary and running it in a browser

Introduction to the WebAssembly binary format

Micro services, a developer's choice

How come none is contradicting developers lamantations of micro services being the silver bullet?

Left Rotate a Binary Tree in javascript

A short description on binary tree rotation and how to implement it in javascript.

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