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I created my first blog in 2008 when I started my first employment in 2008. All the hip developers were having a blog, and it was right before the general public got into blogging. I used it for taking note of things I learned at work and documenting to myself in order to backtrack later.

A few years later in 2011 I decided to move away from Wordpress as a platform, and I needed an excuse to try out Azure and Orchard. I created and changed focus into blogging not only for my own use, but for others. That blog has about 100 daily visitor and my most read posts are

It is quite obvious that I have no idea when I write a post if it's going to be of value to others, or not. It seems that my most narrow and specialized posts are the ones that gets most page views.

I stopped blogging just about the same time as everyone else. I didn't feel I got enough value out of it, and couldn't fit it into my routine. The blog I had did not represent me anymore as I grew more mature in my role, I couldn't identify myself with what I've written in 2008. That is why I choose to discontinue and start over.

Tail Call Optimized will be a programming blog, with its roots in functional programming and testing. It will reflect the things I'm working on, my thoughts of coding as a craftsmanship and crazy technology spikes.

This blog is built with the following techs and its open sourced on github.