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Kino is a small web based RSS feed creator. It was made as a backend to these articles.

Download Source

Note that express editions does not have support for MsTest unit testing. That is why I've switched framework here to NUnit 2.5. You will also need to install ASP.NET MVC 1.0.

Quick start

How to get started with this source code


Step by step

  1. Open up the Kino.sln file in Visual Studio 2008
  2. Make sure that Kino (web project) is marked as StartUp project
  3. Open up Unity.config inside Kino project and edit line 57 with a directory that contain movies <value value="C:\Movies" type="System.String" />
  4. Press F5, (or whatever key you have bound to "Run project")
  5. Click the link RSS Movies on the webpage

Study the code.