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Back on Azure

I did build this blog to run on Azure, but at the time when my trial subscription ran out, I concluded that it was way to expensive to run a private blog in the cloud. I moved the whole thing to my wardrobe server.

Now, wardrobe hosting is not the optimal solution. I don't really like owning a server at all. Always worring about maintenance, backups and intrusion. In fact, I'm moving to a new apartment where there will be no server friendly wardrobe so I had to find new hosting for my blog. It turned out that Azure is very different from last I took a look at it.

The new website option seems both price worthy and was very easy to setup in contrary to the web role. I created a new Orchard website from gallery, imported everything from my old website and bam! I was done. We'll see at the end of the month what the price tag will be, but by initial calculations is about 1/5 of what the web role cost me.

Now, I have a friend's Umbraco 4.0 website also hosted on my server and I'll try to migrate that as well. It may prove a bit difficult but I've never been afraid of a challenge.

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