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EPiServer CMS PageTypes T4-template

If you're starting a new project, you should consider using the EPiServer CMS Page Type Builder. This project is most useful when you have a legacy EPiServer project, that is not worth the time or effort to convert to EPiServer CMS Page Type Builder, but you really would like those strongly typed PageType helpers.


You can get the latest version from the public Mercurial trunk on BitBucket.


Confirmed to work with:

  • EPiServer CMS 5.2 SP2


  1. Dump the in root folder of your ASP.NET EPiServer website.

  2. Classes will be generated for you.
    generate page types

  3. You can let your ASPX-templates inherit from the generated TemplatePage or you can use the generic DataFactory.Instance.GetPage() extension method.
    strongly typed example


  • Make it easier for developers to work with EPiServer CMS.
  • Unobtrusive behavior 1) No references to external libraries are needed. 2) Generated code does not break compilation of existing code.


Comments and contributions are more than welcome.

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