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Certified Scrum Master

Today I became a certified scrum master. That's really nothing to brag about. You have to participate in two days of training and come out as certified scrum master. I don't really like titles that doesn't mean anything.


The last six months I've been working in a scrum project that have been delivering flawlessly. We have been reporting low level of bugs every sprint review and none reoccurring bugs. The customer has been satisfied with our releases and we've been able to congratulate ourselves for a work well done every third week.

Is this scrum?

When you put together the right kind of people, driven to do their very best, to work on an exciting and rewarding project, I don't believe it really matters what process you would use. They will find a way to get it to work. I would not say that Scrum hasn't helped us, but the choice of process would not matter unless you are

  • Motivated
  • Team worker
  • Exploratory
  • Brave
  • (and all those other qualities you look for in any team member)

Todays shit is Scrum, and I welcome the support this process will give us today that we haven't found in any other development process. I believe however that the measure of success is more of a people matter.

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