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NDepend - Woohoo!

I finally got around and bought my private copy of NDepend. 299€ is an ok price for this kind of software, but taxes adds this up to 400€ and my wallet feels a bit lighter. My heart is also a bit lighter and my brain is estatic.


This is a tool that let you analyze your .NET assemblies. There are several purposes for this.

  • Quickly familiarize yourself with a new project.
  • Create nice looking code reports that none will ever read.
  • Know what to refactor and why.

I do a lot of refactoring in my every day work. I refactor for every task I ever make, and this is quite easy when you keep it at the task level, but when you need to take a more grand approach and throw around namespaces and assemblies, you need a tool that give you that overview that will help you make your decisions. This tool shows you where all your couplings are in your system and gives you a good idea of what you need to do. The most fun I've had with this tool is running it on a legacy system and just look at the mess. Right now I run it on a daily basis in a greenfield project to make sure that we continue to follow the architecture that was decided upon. Why did I spend 400€ on this tool? Because I believe that it will help me do work that is easily worth much more than the 400€ that I spent. Thank you Patrick Smacchia for this!

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