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Too long, didn't read

The most immediate response to my previous post was, "too long, didn't read". The post was obviously not interesting enough to make up for its length. Every piece of text is a mountain that has to be conquered. People don't read as they used to. A long time ago, before Internet, people read books where the amount of text were nothing but staggering, but it still didn't hinder them to finish book after book. Today we google for everything we want to know, read a paragraph and let the rest go. We are also spoiled with nicely formatted texts, clear headlines, paragraphing and good line spacing.

Big block of text crits you for over nine thousand.

That was the main problem. The text was not too long, but rather too hard to read. I need to get some better font for my blog, increase the size and the line spacing. Just like any other web 2.0 generic site out there. At the start of this blog I added pictures to posts just to make the content more fun to read. Today I feel that pictures should have a purpose or you can do without. Maybe I'm wrong. There might be a need for pictures just to lighten things up. Jeff Atwood at CodingHorror definetly uses pictures in such a way. They doesn't really say anything more than "here's a nice picture". So, how do you think I should make my blog easier to read?

I know that file was in here somwhere - cat picture

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