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What are you communicating right now?

twitter bird

In this era of Facebook and Twitter the one-on-one communication has diminished and in its place a new broadcasting kind of communication has taken place. It is no longer about the meeting between individuals, but exactly "What are you communicating right now?". It really started with the blogs, a kind of communication where you write your opinion into cyberspace and hope that someone picks it up. Then came the micro blogging, a kind of fast food of blogs. "If you don't have time to listen to me whine, you may read a summary of my latest thoughts in 140 characters." I find it quite astounding that the concept became a hit. Where will this go to? When everyone stands shouting into the air, who will listen? and who will care? The Web 2.0 has exploded in communication, but the communication lost its target and became pointless. I believe that e-mail and directed communication will soon have a renaissance.

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