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The tip tip tappeti tap

Now when I got your attention, I will tell you about the tip-tip-tappeti-tap.

Women's shoes are the bane of coding. Every time I hear the [tap] [tap] [tip] [tip] [tappeti] [tap] [tap] my brain cease to function and I find my mind in a complete limbo. Most often I don't even notice until the sound stops and I get awaken from my mental coma.

I talked to my office neighbour about it and he seems to have the same problem. We should take action and give away slippers to these high heeled ladies. I wonder how they will interpretate that!? Maybe that "short nerds get nervous of high heels".

This morning I made huge progress in Mint when I decided to not use the existing XForms format, and instead roll my own. The decision was well thought through, and here are my arguments.

  • XForms is a hard standard to implement in my application and the implementation will feel too hard for its purpose.

  • There are only a few applications supporting XForms. This means that I'm not breaking conventions for not implementing it, opposite to rolling your own data format because you don't like XML.

  • My application domain will now be easier to change, read and modify. It will also be much easier to write an XML Schema for validation.

  • You ain't gonna need it, keep it simple stupid

So, I remade 5 hours of work, in only 30 minutes with my new format. Yay me!

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