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Coding as a lifestyle

For me, coding is a lifestyle. I think about it in the morning when I wake up, and I code on the train going to work. I spend the whole day working with code, and when I get home, I think about the code. When I go to sleep I dream and solve those problems I couldn't find a solution for during the day.

Code is my hobby, my call and my greatest of interest. I am proud to be a coder and I take much pride in my work. I want to tend my code like a garden or carefully work it like a carpenter. Unpredictable code is like sheep you have to herd and really fanatic code will haunt your dreams.

When you read some code you can almost taste it. Most of the time it tastes like a color. Sometimes it tastes like a fruit. It's mostly like reading a good novel and imagine that you're there, in Paris hunted by detective Bezu Fache.

You can read peoples personalities in the code they write. Just as you read personalities on how people move, talk or behave you may read their personalities in the code.

Today I've visited three code bases. The first one was a can of plain soup. Nothing ordinary about it. The second was more like an unpredictable fish bowl. The last one felt safe and green with a taint of blue.

There are still much work to do before tomorrow comes.

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