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Virtual Path Provider

A user in Mint should be able to upload his own files. He should upload images, css-files, xsl-files and maybe even video clips. In order to support this I will build a Virtual Path Provider where user files will be located. Building a Virtual Path Provider is very easy. All you have to do is to override three classes in the System.Web.Hosting namespace.

All those have perfectly comprehensible examples on MSDN for implementation. It is a quite cool technology where you can have most parts of a website (including aspx pages) inside a virtual place, which could mean "stored in the database" or some xml-format, or i a zip-file. I'm just going to use it for user files, so my implementation will first look for a "real" file on the hard drive, and after that, try to get the VirtualFile. A list of files and directories will be stored in a SQL database, and I think I will place the data on the actual hard drive as a file. I think it will be both faster and more manageable than having them as a blob in the database. The following database schema came into mind

database schema for blog mint

One of my collaeges att work told me that I should think about merging file and directory table because a file and directory is basically the same. It is just the relation that is different ie. a file can't have another file as a parent. He's probably right and I might have to think about changing the database model.

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