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Creating a WebAssembly binary and running it in a browser

Introduction to the WebAssembly binary format

Micro services, a developer's choice

How come none is contradicting developers lamantations of micro services being the silver bullet?

Left Rotate a Binary Tree in javascript

A short description on binary tree rotation and how to implement it in javascript.

Beginners guide to Amiga E

Amiga E was the LOB programming language for the Amiga. In this article I will revisit this 25 year old language and show you its strengths and weaknesses.

Beginners guide to Arexx

In 1990 with the release of AmigaOS 2.0 the Amiga Basic language was deprecated and exchanged with Arexx. This is an introduction to the Arexx scripting language.

Beginners guide to Amiga Basic

Microsoft created Amiga Basic, the major programming platform for the Amiga OS 1.1-1.3. Then 1990 with the release of Amiga OS 2.0 the language was abandoned in favor for Arexx. This is a beginners guide to a language dead for 25 years.

Create a redirection site using Amazon S3

How I utilize Amazon S3 to create a redirection site that is cheaper than using the old website on Azure.

How to guest post on this blog

Anyone is allowed to write a guest post on this blog. Here is how you easily get setup to test the blog out locally and getting started writing your first post.

Exporting comments from Orchard CMS to import them into Disqus - Part 2

Now that we have extracted our comments from the database into an XML file, all we need to do is to transform that XML into the correct WXR format that Disqus supports.

Exporting comments from Orchard CMS to import them into Disqus - Part 1

After moving all blog posts from Orchard CMS to Jekyll/S3 there was a need to move all comments to Disqus. Dispite a lot of obstacles, here is how I managed to extract all the comments from the SDF database file to XML.

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